We Are

Absolutely beautiful poem – I just had to re-blog

Ephemeral Catharsis

Our soul
through our fused bodies
in the heavy darkness
of palpable sleep.

We are a stone
shattered at creation
and sent stumbling for
thousands of years
before finally
rolling back together
on some innocuous shore.

Enveloped by the hot night
beading sweat on our stone skin,
we are band-aided back together,
the shattered edges soothed
like lidocaine
as they fuse.

As rivers are the limbs
of the ocean,
so are your limbs mine,
merely a continuation
of like and like
flowing together.

A tightness, snuggness
of all our pieces
(and aching to dissolve
for good)
is the swaddling dress
that lulls us
into the depths of

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