The Daily Post’s photo challenge

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The theme: Weight(less)

Weight is created by gravity. For some reason when I think of gravity, I think of the sea and the tides. The earth’s gravitational pull is responsible for the change in tidal patterns. Looking out into the sea makes me feel so grounded, it makes me aware of the tiny space I occupy on this vast planet. It makes me aware of my limitations due to the force of gravity. I cannot travel unaided into the vast expanse around me like the gull in the photo. I’ll quite happily stay put, routed to the spot on top of these dramatic cliffs. I admit I was terrified but exhilarated.Ā Ā Ā  There’s a stability and feeling of presentness about standing on a giant landmass while the wind rushes around you. Its humbling.


Photograph taken at the bird cliffs in the Westfjord region of Iceland.


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