Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge

Theme: Pink or magenta flowers

These are some soft baby-pink pics of Clematis from my back garden and a rose flower from a friend’s garden.

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The Daily Post’s photo challenge

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Theme: Optimism

When you feel like a walking lump of mud, plodding along in a pair of leaky wellies, it’s amazing how fast a couple of rubber duckies can brighten your day.


Nocturnal Circuits

My brain buzzes madly,

The flickering hum

Like a bulb not quite yet secure in its socket.

It craves a rest,

To cool down,

Let the calm, restore of darkness,

Dissipate the heat.

To feel secured and reassured,

That nocturnal thoughts,

That spark broken circuits,

Are not an omen for tomorrow.


Written in response to the Three Word Wednesday Challenge: 3WW week no. 463


What is a rock?

What is a rock

But a broken piece of earth

That crumbles, or wears down

Everyday weathering events.

What is a rock

But a solid lump of grains

That can morph, change, adapt,

Under monstrous pressure

Into beautiful planes.



The Daily Post’s photo challenge

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The theme: Weight(less)

Weight is created by gravity. For some reason when I think of gravity, I think of the sea and the tides. The earth’s gravitational pull is responsible for the change in tidal patterns. Looking out into the sea makes me feel so grounded, it makes me aware of the tiny space I occupy on this vast planet. It makes me aware of my limitations due to the force of gravity. I cannot travel unaided into the vast expanse around me like the gull in the photo. I’ll quite happily stay put, routed to the spot on top of these dramatic cliffs. I admit I was terrified but exhilarated.    There’s a stability and feeling of presentness about standing on a giant landmass while the wind rushes around you. Its humbling.


Photograph taken at the bird cliffs in the Westfjord region of Iceland.


Captivating, humbling and invigorating, it makes you feel alive! All I can say is if you haven’t been, then go. If you have been, go again.

I spent the Summer in this beautiful country with my boyfriend. We’re already planning a trip back for the Autumn – I cannot wait.

I plan to do a short run through of our time there and include plenty of tips and advice if you are planning to go.

Watch this space 🙂

More West of Ireland photographs

These were taken in Galway, and Achill Island. I love how the beauty of each setting is accentuated by the light. It would be my dream to rent an artist cottage for a summer in the west! Just have to share more of these photographs, enjoy.

Polaroid PDC 4350 8 Viewty Viewty 1 2

Beautiful sunsets from the West of Ireland

 Polaroid PDC 4350

Polaroid PDC 4350

Beautiful sunsets in the West of Ireland

These sunsets were taken on the walk back from the céilí just as the light was fading. I stayed in Galway a few years back, when I was at the Gaeltacht (summer camp). The walk home each evening was one of my favourite parts of the day; the sunsets and beauty of the landscape was breath taking. I happened to come by these photos when I was looking for something else, but I just have to share these. Bias aside, Ireland really is a beautiful place!