Passing Stillness

A wandering weep,
The sky on the sea,
Blue-greenness sparkles and dulls,
With a restful pulse.
A baby mallard,
Assured of safety
Settles under fluttering down,
Steadying now,
Matching the stillness of the water –
But not quite.
A man stops,
His heart a swell with the tide,
The sun colours his cheeks
Warming and calm.
He absorbs – looks – sees – Is.
His shadow walks on


That man is ticking

That man is ticking
His eyes stare – straight –

A child smiles
On a dandeline green,
Sunlight dances
On top of a puddle.
All unseen.

When he lies
Eyes shut tight,
Dew-laiden dandelines,
Glisten –
Over what has been,
Not might.